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Nine Lives is now closed for sales. All physical copies have now been sold and, when tallied up, around £700 will be shared between both The MS Society and The Stroke Association.

We thank everyone for their interest and support and for the patience of some as we got to grips with some complexities. It’s our first attempt at anything like this so we’re all on a learning curve.

In closing we just want to especially thank our writers for putting in the hard work and giving much needed advice along the journey and Paul Cornell for his much appreciated foreword.

Also big shout out to my brother; Scott. Without his vision this book would never have seen the light of day and we’d all have been left wondering what the REG Doctor had gotten up to. He’s worried about this book from day one and at points the road has been bumpy but the finished book is wonderful as I hope you all agree. Much of that was down to the stellar job Scott did editing the book.

With that, we bid you farewell with Nine Lives…but worry not, there is always another regeneration on the cards.